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Popular Q&A

USAA auto insurance rates?
I know that with USAA there can be state requirements that will not be listed on your monthly statement, but on your declarations package. For example, we live in Florida and if you have USAA you have to have hurricane coverage, and it does go up yearly. Look over your documents. Another...

Can I pay a AAA Auto Insurance bill online?
If you are insured with CSAA (Northern California) you can pay online. Log onto and log in to your account. On the right side of the screen is a link that says "make an insurance payment) and go from there.If you are insured with Auto Club of Southern California, I have no idea but...

Question about USAA Insurance and coverage in Germany?
USAA does offer coverage to European members,Automobile insurance in Europe is provided by USAA Limited, which is domiciled and licensed in the United Kingdom and authorized under the Freedom of Services Directive in Azores, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and...

Where Do I Find Quotes For Non-Owners Auto Insurance? You can do this right on the website 24 hrs a day, BUT & this is a HUGE BUT, if you have regular access to a vehicle (owned by someone in your household or your significant other's vehicle) whether you drive it or not, you will not be eligible for a nonowners policy with...

Unbiased short overview on Obama's term so far?
Great question.Obama deserves credit for many accomplishments.1) Stewarding the economy during the early days of his presidency, when there was a very real possibility that we would fall into a second Great Depression.2) Ordering the military operation that successfully executed Osama Bin Laden...