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Popular Q&A

Is it cheaper to get an auto insurance for your self or as a family?
I recently got a car and I'm on State Farm insurance. With them you get a discount if you have multiple people on the account, as well as if you have a 3.0 gpa in high school or college. It doesn't make a difference that you're a new driver as long as you don't have any accidents, tickets,...

How much would insurance be on a 1993 mazda miata mx-5?
It's just a guess, but I'm going to say $1000 every six months.Any teenage boy is going to have a high rate. The speeding ticket doesn't help, but just the fact that you are 17 and a guy are going to push it up.Make sure you check Progressive and Geico. (Try going through your local AAA office...

How do I change my Ontario G license into an equivalent Alberta one?
If you are going to be in Alberta for less than 3 months then you do not have to change your drivers license or vehicle plates or insurance over to Alberta. I doubt any company would ask you to change your drivers license over as your Ontario license is good anywhere in Canada. I live in...

How much does it cost to replace a blown head gasket on a 2004 Buick Lesabre?
You might want to call around and get quotes from other shops in the area to see if it's in line with what others would charge. Find out from the first shop exactly what their quote includes such as labor, parts, resurfacing cylinder heads or replacing, used parts, rebuilt or new?...etc.....

How much do you pay for your car insurance?what company?and do you have liability or full coverage or other?
approximately $1200 per year through aaa w/liability and full coverage.