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Popular Q&A

How do I become an admitted insurance broker?
You need to get a company to appoint you - and that's mostly through networking.Usually in your shoes, YOU don't get to choose from companies, you're more likely to have to take whoever will take you on. Progressive is a pretty easy one to get into, or any captive agent like State Farm, or...

Is there a way for me to get cheap auto insurance?
Insurance cost depends on a LOT of factors, it depends on where you live, how much coverage you are going to want, who else is in the household, and the credit score of the ownerWhy not ring that phone number you saw on that billboard or on the telly??

If you switch from one auto insurance company to another does it look bad?
It's smart to try to get the best rate you can, of course, but I do have a few tips: Go to an independent insurance agent (or call one in your area) and ask them for a quote for the kind of coverage you want (and if you're not sure what the different coverages mean, ASK THEM). They will comparison...

Do liberals actually know the definition of Marxism and how it applies to Obama's twisted agenda?
There are people who support and love this Obama BUT it is clear that these people do not know the history of this country - they are of the “new breed” - that is infiltrating Washington - who espouse European ideas and socialistic philosophies. I personally think these people are despicable...

Can a child in hampton VA, going into a foster home choose where they go?…this is the link for belowHome Law Advice Insurance Advice CommunityRegister FAQ Calendar Today's Posts SearchSearch ForumsShow Threads Show PostsAdvanced SearchGo to Page...Go Back FreeAdvice Legal Forum > CRIMINAL LAW...