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Popular Q&A

I had an auto accident I got a letter wanting a demand amount that exceeds over my policy limits. ?
You should consult an attorney.Your insurance can only cover you for the policy limits that YOU defined when you asked to purchase insurance from your carrier. There is always the potential that the wronged party can refuse to accept settlement from your insurance, or can request settlement...

What should you do if you get rear ended in a car and your neck hurts?
If your neck hurts, you should take the advice of your own body and go see a doctor.As for you paying out of pocket v. insurnace paying - initially you will have to pay out of your pocket (or use your private health coverage, auto-med pay coverage, PIP/No Fault coverage - depending on the state)...

Does anyone know if the Ca (auto) insurance exam is designed to make you fail?
No - its only designed to make people who aren't qualified fail.

If your car tag hasn't expired and you move to another state, do you still have to get a new tag?
When you move to Washington State, you have 30 days to title and register your vehicle. Once you do so, you’ll be issued Washington State license plates.…Washington State Auto Insurance Requirements.…

Can I pay a AAA Auto Insurance bill online?
If you are insured with CSAA (Northern California) you can pay online. Log onto and log in to your account. On the right side of the screen is a link that says "make an insurance payment) and go from there.If you are insured with Auto Club of Southern California, I have no idea but...