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Popular Q&A

Going to change insurance company after policy expires, but I have an active claim with them?
No. You were insured at the time, so that claim will continue.

On average, how much is motorcycle insurance in Ontario?
There is no average insurance rate. Too many variables.It will be more expensive than auto insurance. You will discover this fact when you contact insurance companies.This is the ONLY way to answer your question. YOU have to make the calls and ask.Source(s):Why are people so unwilling or...

What Insurance Company has Accident forgiveness?
Accident forgiveness, is something on an auto policy, BEFORE the accident happens. Usually, you have to have a policy in force for three years, with no claims, and THEN they'll add "accident forgiveness" to your policy. A few companies will TRANSFER your accident forgiveness, if you switch...

What is a cheap but good truck rental?
I used 9-2-11 for my date. You might want to check the rate for 9-1-11 since it would be Thursday instead of Friday. Sometimes not picking up the truck on Friday or Saturday is cheaper.All rates exclude taxes, fees, insurance, optional equipment, or fuel.-For the amount of miles you are going...

I was involved in a accident with a semi truck?
The ONLY person you probably have a good lawsuit against is your wife. Sorry, but it's the truth. If she fell asleep at the wheel, then she is the reason you were injured. The hospital and ER can only do so much. An expert will tell you that car accident victims often find glass under their...