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Popular Q&A

Can I practice driving in a friend's vehicle with my driver's permit if I don't have auto insurance?? West Vir?
Yup, you can. Here's how it works in any state or province.When somebody owns a car, they and they alone are responsible for any damage it causes. It doesn't matter who is driving (unless the car is stolen), it's always the registered owner who is responsible. That's why the owner is the...

Have you seen all of Obama's accomplishments?
Almost forgot:#1 Under Bill Clinton, the average unemployment rate was 5.2 percent. Under George W. Bush, the average unemployment rate was 5.3 percent. Under Barack Obama, things have been much worse. The month after he took office the unemployment rate rose above 8 percent and it has stayed...

High Risk Auto Insurance - Where can I find the lowest quote online?
This website link below can get the top prices online for high risk drivers as well as any risk level. They do this by stacking rates from the top car insurance companies in the nation and make them compete for your business instead of the other way around. Just visit the site, fill out a quick...

Do you need a car in the military?
The military doesn't actually have car insurance but there is banks and insurance companies like Geico, USAA that will give discounts for being in the militaryYou can have a vehicle with you but then again it can also depend on where you are. You will not have it during Basic/Boot, you might...

Is my Indiana auto insurance valid in other states?
Your insurance is valid in all 50 states (even though it is very doubtful that you will drive to Hawaii). As long as the car is legally registered, and the policy is in effect, you are fine.Source(s):30 years in the auto business