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Popular Q&A

Can you provide help in filing property insurance claims?
There is no trick to it. Do your research. If this is auto property damage make sure you know the value of your vehicle. If this is a homeowners loss make sure you make a comprehensive list of what you lost and search the net for replacement cost on the items to back up the data you give the...

What can happen if someone finds my Drivers License, Health and Auto Insurance cards?
You should call your health insurance company and ask them for a new policy number.You should also call your credit card companies and report your cards stolen.

What is the Florida Cost of Living like?
My husband and I moved to Lakeland from Metro Atlanta last year. For a house 100 sq ft larger on a lot 3/4 acres smaller we paid $80k more in Lakeland, so housing is higher here. Right now you might find a little better deal when we were looking construction on new homes was behind construction...

Auto Insurance student discount with an incomplete grade?
As long as your average is 3.0 or better, it doesn't matter if you have an incomplete.

What are the top 3 AUTOMOBILE insurance companies in CANADA?
One problem is, how do you define "top"? Most premium volume? Most number of policies? Most claims paid? Fewest complaints?You're going to need to redefine "top", and then search out that criteria. You DID post to the USA board, so if you can lay your hands on a copy of Bests Review -...