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Popular Q&A

Are my parents responsible for injury in an auto accident caused by me?
Yes your parents are liable. I was in a wreck when I was 17 in 2004. The other party was injured when I hit them. My parents are currently being sued for this wreck. You are considered a minor in the court of law until you are 21. So therefore, my parents are liable for my wreck. I "supposivley"...

Florida Auto Insurance Quotes Online, are they really safe?
I am a resident of Miami Florida and I can tell you first hand to be very careful entering any private information online. I have recently had my Identity stolen from entering my personal information which had to include my social security number for a free online auto insurance quote. Never...

What if auto insurance does not fully cover property damages?
This happens more than people realize.You buy the required amount of minimum liability coverage required by law in the state where you live. In some states, (CA) is a good example, the minimum required is only $5,000..........So, since the coverage is not enough, they will go after you personally...

For Mortgages in Florida, will the mortgage company look at all outgoing costs or just concentrate on income?
It's essentially about ratios. Generally 28% of your gross monthly income (GMI) is the maximum for a monthly mortgage payment. Payment to include principal, interest, taxes and insurance (PITI).Then the maximum amount of monthly obligations is set at appx 40% of GMI. The total obligations...

Does it hurt my credit score when I ask for quotes for auto insurance?
If you are only getting a quote for insurance , then no it does not have a effect your credit score. The only time your credit score is affected is each time a credit check is done, plus, any business that wants to do a credit check is required by federal law to ask for your permission...