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Popular Q&A

How much does it actually cost to buy a new car (honda civic)?
First you need to understand that the $16,305 given on whatever internet site you are using probably is not the actual selling price, unless it is a written quote from a franchised dealer or a legitimate online broker. If it's a number off Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, or Yahoo Autos or whatever...

Is it the law in North Carolina to have auto insurance?
Below is a FAQ's on North Carolina auto insurance laws:What type of automobile liability insurance am I required to have?According to North Carolina auto insurance law, you are required to have Bodily injury liability and Property damage liability.What are the minimum liability limits?According...

What states still allow illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses?
Not many! and this is causing negative effects and North Carolina is one of the states hit the hardest .....for now! When illegals are denied licenses, they can no longer pull money from a bank account or get auto insurance. That means more uninsured drivers on our roads because congress thought...

What would the majority of Americans think about raising the age to get a driver's license to 21?
It would virtually collapse the economy. Those teenage drivers you complain about, spend quite a lot of money in just the gas they use. They also pay for auto insurance, the Taco Bell they are eating, etc. Do as some states, like Alabama and Georgia have, instead. If you aren't enrolled in...

Why did geico increase my auto insurance rate for no reason?
Andrew, unfortunately most states allow insurance companies to request rate increases twice each year. And even more unfortunately, they are almost always approved as long as it's what the state insurance department considers "within reason".You can contact the Texas Dept of Insurance www.tdi...