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Popular Q&A

What is the best way to avoid getting caught in an upside-down mortgage?
Learn to do math. It IS that simple. People, not their mortgages- got upside down by buying property that was over-valued and by not KNOWING how property is valued and what makes prices go up and come down.There are ONLY 2 reasons property values go up or down. The first is the "time value...

How to buy a car from Canada as a U.S citizen?
It will be beyond hassle and expense.He can't meet you at the border as he can not sign title to the vehicle over to you. In BC, that must be done at an ICBC auto-plan broker. You can meet him there, he takes the plates off, you go inside, pay a fee, and ICBC will register the title will you...

What's the cheapest auto insurance provider in California?
The best way to find the cheapest auto insurance provider in your particular state is to use an insurance broker. Typically, they can compare a bunch of different providers in your area and give you the best deal.I called 1-888-497-0801 and receive a great deal. They provided plenty of quotes...

Which american auto insurance company covers you if you travel to canada ?
Unlike Mexico which requires you to buy their insurance, Canada will recognize your current policy as a tourist in their country.

Cheapest auto insurance for a teen?
If your parents do not own the car (i.e. on the title), then the vehicle cannot be added to their insurance policy. You as a driver may, but they would likely not cover damage to the vehicle - which is the whole point of insurance.Cheapest, can only be answered by getting as many quotes as...