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Popular Q&A

I have a question about buying new vs used?
Your question is to complicated to answer directly so I will point you to some resources that can provide you with answers and has one of the better pricing tools available for free on the web. You can get pricing on new and used tailored to the specific vehicles of...

Cheap insurance in San Diego?
First of all your bad tooth won't be covered. Dental insurance only covers check ups and cleaning for the first six months. A discount plan could save you some money.As for health insurance with all the different health carriers and plans available most people really should use a health insurance...

If someone had a credit score of 720 and stopped paying their only credit card?
One account more than 30 days behind will drive you down 50-100 points instantly. If you care about credit score, don't stop payments for any reason. Minimums would help keep your credit score up.

Is it difficult to get an auto insurance license?
Yes, It is relatively difficult but less so if you know the insurance industry and state laws. You will have to pass a series of tests to receive your license. In addition, each year, you will be required to attend classes to keep up to date and pass more tests.

Please explain why you support or do not support Obamacare?
We are a country of 300 million people. Some of us are fat, some are thin - some are sexually active and need birth control, others are not, or they have had vasectomies or are gay- some are very healthy and feel they need less coverage, others prefer to have "Health Savings Accounts" to pay...