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Popular Q&A

Is someome collecting unemployment cashing in on insurance or collecting welfare?
1) The people saying that UI is like welfare are not unemployed2) While the first 26 weeks of UI is paid for under a state's UI program, the additional Tiers are paid by the Feds and are not insurance as you think of insurance.3) You can get welfare by doing nothing. You can only get UI by...

How to get auto insurance from a state that your college is in rather than your resident state?
You get insurance from the place where you live. Period.Source(s):the punjabi connection

What companies can I get appointed with in Louisiana to write Home Insurance for my Insurance agency?
aaron t, I found a big list of Louisiana insurance agencies. I'd try visting one or two of them and see if they can assist you. A insurance agent should be able to help you.

How long does it take to get an insurance refund check from Allstate involving car theft?
Was your car STOLEN, or broken into? Those are two completely different auto claims. In either case, nothing will happen until the police report is received, which usually takes at least three weeks. Plan on four weeks, unless this is just a glass claim, in which case it should be three...