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Popular Q&A

I removed bodily injury from my auto insurance in Florida---wise decision?
You buy insurance when you can't guess when undue expenses will occur, or you don't have unlimited funds. So that would be health, car, house, etc. Your state probably legislates a certain minimum insurance level and you, or your insurance company, will know that amount.Whenever you have...

Is there a software available that well allow prospects to quote auto,home,life,or disability on your website?
It depends on exactly who your planning on contracting with.Example: Hartford Life requires you to be appointed with them unless you can get a Monarch Contract with them and your Agency.Many of the insurance carriers will have their own quote engines, such as Aetna's is online, HumanaOne is...

How much would it be to insure a 1969 Mercury Cougar?
It really depends on who is insuring it, your age, specifics about the car, and how far you'll be driving each year. Your best option is to go to an auto insurance website (Esurrance, Geico, Progressive, ect) and get a free quote. Normally you can get a quote relatively quickly and without...

Honda CBR125R Insurance rates or recommended agencies? 16 Year old male Ontario?
My daughter looked at them when they first came out and her insurance company said $1200 in Ontario the agent said that they have to have a history on the bike before lowering the rates because these bikes are new to Canada and they have the CBR tag.

How much is the insurance cost for a $8000 dollar car and a $ 6000 car.?
it really just depends on the car, the miles, the amount you paid, color in some cases, if it's a 2 door or 4 door, call state farm or any other of the insurance agents and get a quote, but watch out for these companies like safe auto and such, they are only offering a fraction of the coverage...