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Popular Q&A

GMAC Auto Insurance Experience?
GMAC is a great company. They have good customer service, claims are hasssle free. I recomend this, and if u can do automatic draft, ur rate is lower.Try to get all this discounts:1- Provide ur agent with ur previous insurance information (hopefully there's no laps)2- Have them get ur credit...

Question about Broad Form Car Insurance -- Viking Ins.?
Dweeness,I'm an insurance adjustor for a major company.Good news/ Bad news...The good news, is virtually all auto insurance policies (written in broad-form or otherwise) cover an unlisted driver driving the car, so long as the listed driver acknowledges he gave the unlisted driver permission...

What other career fields could a claims adjuster apply for?
First off, If you ever find an insurance company without the "nonsense" you need to let every other adjuster on the planet know about them. They all have their nonsense the levels of it vary.From my own personal experience, I left auto liability/BI claims because I could no longer stomach the...

Are Visa Platinum benefits the same with all card issuers?
No you have to read the fine print to see what benefits your credit card offers.

Can I get my complete auto insurance history in one place?
you can get your loss history including lapses in coverage and cancellations from your prior insurance provider (its easy) send the company a letter and request a "letter of experience" from your sr22 provider. Make sure that you include your name current mailing address policy # and make...