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Popular Q&A

How does car insurance work in America, and how much does it cost on average?
It is quite similar to the system in the UK. The terminology is different for different things but it is functionally the same.The US government does not regulate motor vehicle insurance. It is left up to the individual states to license and regulate insurers and pass whatever laws regarding...

What auto insurance offices offer reduced cost auto insurance program in the San Fernando Valley?
Close, MB, but this program is NOT the Assigned Risk program. It is The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program.It's my understanding that the program is only available to those that are certifiably below the poverty level and the liability limits are reduced even lower than what...

Where is a good car detailing place in or around Los Angeles?
Couldn't find any auto detailing in LA which specialize in Subaru, below is the recommendations from CitySearch on Auto Detailing in LA area. Hope this help!!Dent Werks Inc. (rated 4 out 5)8630 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035Phone: (310) 360-0948Auto Spa Specializing In Collision Repairs...

How long does intake for the auto insurance company to contact dmv in nj informing my insurance has lapsed?
Not sure about the USA but in the UK, within 24 hours your registration number is on the ANPR system fitted to most traffic cars.Sorry, but you can't afford NOT to have valid car insurance.

Auto-insurance claims and rates?
yes, this is one of those things, that causes a problem later, I suggest, that you sit down, write a detailed account of what you remember in terms off severity of the impact to you , and if there was damage to your car, and what you remember about the damage to the other car. (as you said...