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Popular Q&A

Does anyone know of an auto insurance provider that does not require a credit check in Vancouver, WA?
Leader Infinity will waive the credit check if you want, but then they'll give you the most expensive rates, so it's not like you'll get the same rate with a score of 550, as someone with an 800. You won't. Even if you had an 800 score, if you ask them to waive the credit check, you get the...

How many jobseekers will see this in Michigan?
I fall into the category of "under employed." I graduated with a 3.80 GPA and a triple major in April '06 and I started graduate school in January '07 and I make $9.00 an hour. I consider myself *incredibly* blessed and I'm thankful to even be employed, but this is not how I expected life...

Anyone know of a car insurance company that only asks if you've had an accident 3 years back instead of 5?
its the same all over/you have to call insurance company or better still is make an appointment to sit down with the agent/all those big companies do this crap and getting it down is left up to the owner of the policy to get after them/start getting a few estimates and then talk to your agentSource(s):used...

Why are there not many big auto insurance companies operating in Massachusetts?
Until a year or so ago, the auto insurance rates in Massachusetts were set by the state, and insurance companies were NOT allowed to refuse to write a policy for someone. The insurance companies were losing a ton of money in Massachusetts, and most pulled out decades ago. As of a few years...

Where can I get auto insurance to drive my uk registered car across the USA?
Yes that is where you would find a proper insurance broker. If you are already a member of a UK Auto Club I would inquire at one of their club offices. The AAA auto club in the US would be helpful.