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Popular Q&A

Austin texas, houston, or plano where would you live and why?
Houston is terrible- highest crime rate in the state per capita. Auto insurance is almost the most expensive in Harris County due to the absolutely terrible traffic. The place is so spread out it takes significant time to get anywhere.Plano ain't what it used to be. It was all McMansions and...

How often does Progressive Auto Insurance bill its customers?
You will normally be offered an option. You will make your first payment up front, and then they will bill you for the others. They will give you a few choices.

Do Democrats not understand that Obama's health care plan benefits the corporate health care insurers?
Some don't understand, others are in denial. They simply say we're the ones that lie. Still others are Democratic cheerleaders who can't be bothered by the truth when worshiping Obama and fostering illusions in the reactionary in the White house. Some of them are also incapable of seeing anything...

Will my insurance company pay for the damages?
Yep, you keep asking the question. And no one here has read your policy.Call your agent and ask. There's a good chance they won't pay. There's a chance they will, but add him on since the date he was licensed, and you'll have to pay 5 years of extra charges (if he was licensed at 16).***yes...

How does a traffic ticket, first offense, impact the cost of auto insurance in dollars or percentage?
It depends on the company and its policies. Insurers don't routinely check your record on renewal because of the cost of doing it, but they will check at some point and see it. What effect it has on your rates is up to the company.