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Popular Q&A

I am uninsured but the vehicle is insured by Missouri Farm Bureau?
I am not clear if there were 2 polices and 2 cars you are talking about?As a rule, insurance follows the auto. So if in an accident and at fault, the auto owners insurance pays.The agent is correct that since you are living with your father, you should be on his policy as a driver, since...

In MD, what is the cheapest car insurance for a new driver?
If you have had no violations or claims while on your mother's policy her company should be the cheapest. Your first break is at age 21. The next is at age 25.

My car was stolen, police r not looking 4 it. any suggestions on what i can do to find it? thank you!?
Due to the high amount of auto theft and other crimes, the police do not have the time or resources to investigate every crime thoroughly. Auto theft falls under that category. They will list your vehicle as stolen, but they will not have a detective scouring the streets for it.If you had full...

What is a toll free telephone number for Allstate Insurance when one wants to receive free rate quotes?
A VIP toll free telephone number for new Allstate customers seeking free rate quotes on auto insurance is 888-302-0672.Source(s):Toll Free Telephone Number Internet Directory

What is keeping Inda from starting service industry companies like banking and auto insurance companies?
India already has its own banks -…There are several barriers to prevent Indian companies competing in the US. I'm no expert in this field but would guess that each State has their own regulations as to who can do business, minimum capital requirements...