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Popular Q&A

Can anyone tell me how do you get cheap auto insurance rate and from what company or any website or link?
With all due respect, this gets asked many times every day and there's no answer to depends on where you live, how much coverage you are going to want, who else is in the household, and the credit score of the owner Why not ring that phone number you saw on that billboard or on the...

Can someone please tell me anything about Unitrin auto insurance?
In my personal experience I have not heard the best remarks about Unitrin. Now please keep in mind I work in the insurance industry and I get a call for a quote when someone is unhappy with their insurance company OR their premium is too high.The person that switched to the company I work...

My car was stolen, police r not looking 4 it. any suggestions on what i can do to find it? thank you!?
Due to the high amount of auto theft and other crimes, the police do not have the time or resources to investigate every crime thoroughly. Auto theft falls under that category. They will list your vehicle as stolen, but they will not have a detective scouring the streets for it.If you had full...

Can I add a non-family member to my auto-insurance plan?
If he lived in the same household as you and shared the same address this would be no problem. but honestly, from the standpoint of longevity and how long he is likely to be in your life, its not worth the hassle for you. Please, if you do anything, let him keep his insurance seperate from...

Should i have my g2 licence for sure to get my auto insurance?
With insurance your G1 is considered a learners permit. Obviously you know that you can only operate a vehicle with a fully licensed driver with you. A lot of online quoting systems are geared towards the norm so when you attempt to get a quote online and mention the G1 is it not configured...