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Popular Q&A

Anyone heard of an auto insurance claim scale?
Not sure about Cali, but the other post was pretty accurate. Usually the company has a threshold. Could be 500, could be 1000, could be anything. Could be that your rate is not "surcharged" but you lose something like a good driving (claims free) discount, which is just about the same as a...

Can Anyone tell what automobile insurance company issued this policy based o the policy number?
CA is usually short for "commercial auto", so odds are, it's a commercial auto policy.But it might not be.See, insurance companies set up their policy numbers all seperately. There's no standardization. Sure, it could be Progressive. It could be Hanover. No way to tell.

How much does it cost to register a passenger vehicle in your province or state?
Some states have a flat fee for registration, others have a complicated and convoluted formula for figuring it out. In my state, Oklahoma for an example:Flat fee, value and age: $15.00 plus 1.25%of the factory delivered price. Fee for2nd through 12th year is $15.00 plus90 percent of the previous...

Do auto insurance companies in Ohio get your license suspended if your insurance lapses?
They won't automatically report your lapse in coverage unless you have been suspended for no insurance, in which case, by law you are required to have no lapse in insurance for 5 years (and there is an extra charge on your insurance that they charge in order to monitor your policy). With that...