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Popular Q&A

How much can we expect to get from insurance for replacement of car door?
You should get the entire cost of the repairs if you have the check sent to the body shop making the repairs.Since you were not at fault there will be no deductible.

Planning to move to Edmonton, AB from Ontario, need advice please!?
I'm not sure from where in Ontario you're moving from but reading your posts you knew about the Sleeping Giant so are you maybe from the area?I moved to Edmonton from that area 11 years ago and my daughter moved to Calgary. I can tell you from first hand experience that winters here are nowhere...

Wouldn't socialized health care make the US more competitive in job creation?
Yes, it would:Canada's single-payer universal healthcare system is called Medicare.But it's nothing like US Medicare.And it provides Canadian businesses with definite advantages US businesses lack:"Canadian businesses clearly have a major advantage, because most of their employees’ medical...

How do I increase insurance value coverage on my car?
It would help to know what type of car you have.However, you can speak to your agent. If the car is a classic - you can get an appraisal done on the car and usually get a stated value policy for it.If the car is not a classic- then no. The standard auto policy will not insure the car for more...

Lawsuit- when my lawyer give all paper work to insurance company how long does it take to get a settlement?
If you are willing to settle for the $50,000 it could just take a few months. If you decide to sue her for more it could take two to three years or more.Even if you decide to settle for the $50,000 you could get more than the $50,000 minus the attorney fee and medical bills. Check your medical...