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Popular Q&A

Does it hurt my credit score when I ask for quotes for auto insurance?
If you are only getting a quote for insurance , then no it does not have a effect your credit score. The only time your credit score is affected is each time a credit check is done, plus, any business that wants to do a credit check is required by federal law to ask for your permission...

What's the next step in selling auto insurance after your get your license? I want to do this on my own?
You will need to contact insurance companies or local reps. If you are just starting out, I recommend dealing with Progressive first. At our agency, we feel like it is the easiest software to navigate. We use The account was already established when I came here, but...

Back in the Real World: Is Obama's deal making with PHARMA/Priv. Insurance similar to Cheney deals with OIL?
Yes. Good info. Unfortunate most of our leftist friends still seem to prefer to debate the right wing bunk than to address what's really happening here. Not good at all.Obama’s health care counterrevolution is of a piece with his entire domestic agenda. It parallels the multi-trillion-dollar...

What is the cheapest DUI insurance in california for a male when i become 18?
An SR-22 isn't a type of insurance coverage, but rather proof that you have insurance.It is notification from your insurance company to the DMV that you have auto liability insurance in effect in the State of California which satisfies the minimum insurance coverage required by the State.This...

Why do libs still use the failed auto insurance mandate to defend Obamacare mandate?
Libs base their arugments on emotions. They deny logic and facts