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Popular Q&A

Can you keep an auto insurance policy with different address?
Not in the way that you are doing it, but yes if you do it right.Insurance rates are set by the ZIP code where the car is garaged or parked overnight. You must have the correct address for the car on the policy.However, you do not need a new policy. You can keep this policy IF you have it...

For my first car, what engine size and car do you recommend I get?
For my first car i got a ML 500 Mercedes 5.5 L 4-valve V8, 382HP(550 N·m)and i hate it too big my gas cost me 80 dollars that lasted me 3 days so get something smallso and it depends on what you like german cars american japan?Honda Civic is one of the best first cars! it come manuel and auto...

Fort Campbell, KY. ? Hows the weather. ?
I am stationed @ fort campbell KY right now. I've been here since Sept 06, and the weather isn't much different than GA (where i am originally from as well) I advise you to (if your living off post) to rent an apartment/ house in the tennessee side as it is wayyyyyyyyyyy cheaper to register...

What is a good website for getting non-owners sr22 insurance?
Try or 1800Progressive. They are there 24 hrs. Also, just so you are aware, you can get the nonowners policy ONLY if there is NO car in your household & NO car available for your regular use. If you buy the policy & then have a car available for your regular use (borrowing...

How does car insurance work in America, and how much does it cost on average?
It is quite similar to the system in the UK. The terminology is different for different things but it is functionally the same.The US government does not regulate motor vehicle insurance. It is left up to the individual states to license and regulate insurers and pass whatever laws regarding...