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Popular Q&A

Can I get health insurance for my sick mother? she's a mexican citizen?
We went through this same issue with my mother in law when she was living here with us. We were paying out of pocket for each of her doctors visits and prescriptions but it was getting to be too much. She was still in the process of getting her citizenship so it was impossible to find another...

In the U.S., is auto insurance required for a car that you are not driving?
Insurance is not required in all states, that is determined by each state's laws. If insurance is required, it would not apply to a vehicle in a garage that is not used.Insurance may, however, be required by the lien holder if you have a loan on the vehicle regardless of whether you use it...

Where can i get two wheeler insurance policies through online?
You mean motorcycle policies? I would not buy online. I would call some local insurance agents for some quotes. Start with the company that has your auto insurance.Source(s):

Whitch insurance company would you choose? What company is better for auto insurance?
How do you define better?State Farm has, by far, the lowest complaint ratio. 21st Century used to be owned by AIG before the bailout (then they sold it).I'd look heavily at pricing, but if all other things are equal, I'd go with State Farm.

What is a good solution to health care cost?
All medical providers are required to post a single price list, by procedure, which shall apply to every patient without exception.Every insurer and third party payer including Medicare and MediCaid, may determine for itself the level of payment it will provide, with patient to pay any amount...