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Can there be two different auto insurances on the same car?
I work insurance claims and have seen instances when a car is dual insured, if there is a claim then it MUST be reported to both insurance companies and both companies will split the cost of the claim and if you're at fault,then the rates will go up on both policies.Why aren't your parents...

Can I switch auto insurance company before my policy ends?
yes you can switch --just notify allstate and they should refund some of your money

Does the state of Maryland compensate for damages caused by a deer accident?
It depends if the road is governed by the state or local authorities. In most cases you have to report it immediately to the police so they can write up an accident report. If it's a state road, you should be able to appeal to the state. If it's a local road, the city or town might offer...

Is it necessary to buy Rental Car Insurance even though i have my car insurance policy with me?
When you rent a car, you have to have full coverage on the care that you own (your personal vehicle) and then that will automatically carry over to the rental. If you do not have full coverage you can add it to your existing policy for the amount of time you'll be renting the car OR just buy...