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Popular Q&A

Why are there so few auto insurance companies in Massachusetts?
I remember many years ago (late '70s) when I was applying to M.I.T., the material they sent me said that MA had the highest rate of car theft in the nation. I don't know if that's still the case after more than 25 years, but if so, that could cause there to be few insurance companies there...

Please recommend any cheap auto insurance companies in Kentucky!?
Check Progressive and All-State for quotes...

What is the best website to reseach and compare auto insurance quotes?
You can get a quote at…This will compare all companies in your area and find you the companies that offer you the lowest prices

I received a speeding ticket in IL for 16 mph over. It is my first offense. Will my insurance rates go up?
If you are found guilty or if you just pay the fine you can assume that you rates will go up but it's not automatic.but you should not pay the fine, that's what they want and it's too easy.go to the courthouse and see the clerk, you can plead not guilty without having to wait for the trial...

What are the top three car insurance companies in Ontario?
Regardless of who you decide to use, amounts will vary depending on what kind of coverage will you have. Just Liability?Collision?Theft?Vandalism? it all depends on your driving records, the state you live in and how long you are willing to search around...Just take some quotes online, phone...