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Can someone please explain insurance rebates and incentives.?
A rebate is an illegal inducement to purchase a policy. In it's simplest terms it would be offering to rebate some of your commission to the client in order to secure the order.An incentive on the other hand might be offering a road atlas to provide a quote on someones auto and home insurance...

Can I pay a AAA Auto Insurance bill online?
If you are insured with CSAA (Northern California) you can pay online. Log onto and log in to your account. On the right side of the screen is a link that says "make an insurance payment) and go from there.If you are insured with Auto Club of Southern California, I have no idea but...

What are my chances of getting into towson University with a 2.0 GPA (I'll be a junior when i transfer)?
Nice question Please saw that if you intersting in cheap auto insurance or auto insurance quotes.

Which canadian car insurance company has the better payout system?
No matter where you are driving in Canada, the law requires that every driver has car insurance. This is mandatory in all provinces and territories. Your vehicle must be covered under an insurance policy with a minimum set coverage, If you are caught driving without it you can be fined, have...

Is it better to settle in small claims or with insurance claim?
What exactly do you mean by "lowball?" You didn't provide any figures. If by lowball you mean they want to pay for used parts on an older car, filing in small claims won't help you.Suing the owner or direct is a really bad idea. You won't get any more money and they insurance company will help...